box1Discectomy is performed to remove the herniated portion of the lumbar disc. It has a high success rate, especially in relieving leg pain or sciatica, caused by the herniated portion of the disc pressing against a nerve. Magnification allows improved visualization of the nerve sac and the disc herniation. Bayoneted instruments allow precision manipulation of tissues without obstructing the direct view. Contact us if you need help with your Discectomy.

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    New York Stem Cell is a wellness center for people that are ready to make an investment in their health. Here we not only focus on the conditions affecting our patients, but dig deeper to provide balance in the body. Dr. Vikas Varma is a neurologist, as well as a specialist in regenerative medicine. Using neurology, hormone replacement therapies, interventional pain management and regenerative medicine he helps his patients live healthier and happier.

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