Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Tear

By repeating the same arm motion over and over repeatedly and having an injury during your tennis practice or baseball workout or you lift something heavy while falling on your arm. This type of pain is known as Rotator Cuff tear. The muscles that lift and rotate your arms providing a stable condition of your shoulder joint is made of group of four muscles and tendons. This is considered to be a disability among adults. Because of rotator cuff problem every year according to a survey, almost 2 million people in the U.S have visited their doctor as it makes your daily activities difficult to complete like getting dressed or combing your hair as this disease rotator cuff tears will make your shoulder weak.

The three bones from which your shoulder is made up of three bones connecting a bone of head along with humerus. Due to rotator cuff our arm is connected to our shoulder. The head of the humerus is covered by tendon that has made of four muscles. To help your arm lift and rotate, the shoulder blade helps by getting attached because of rotator cuff. It may get disturb because of lifting too heavy weight or moving your arm in an opposite direction. Such activities become a risk for the shoulder that may damage the tendons and you can have a traumatic injury. You can have the following symptoms that can realize you that you are having a Rotator cuff tears issue like: you can feel pain at your shoulder while lying, lifting any heavy thing or moving your arm in a specific direction or rotating it plus you will feel a crackling or crepitus sensation while you keep on moving your shoulder in some specific directions. Such tears will cause intense pains in your shoulder.

Trouble having rotator cuff tears don’t worry New York stem cell is here to protect you and help you in getting rid of your shoulder pain. We have the most professional doctors that will heal you from this. We have expert neurologists and therapists that will not only assist you but provide you complete relief from your pains. We conduct X-rays, MRI or Ultrasound that clearly show tendons of rotator cuff soft tissues. There are many of the treatments available for such pain which is Nonsurgical Treatment that includes resting, medication, physical therapy and muscle strengthening exercises to reduce such pain. It also gets cured due to having steroid injections that are very helpful in removing rotator cuff treatment.

There is another treatment surgical treatment in which a surgery has been suggested to you by your doctor instead of medication. This happens when your cure become out of control and it is going on least condition. There are some symptoms that causes a surgery for sure like lasting of symptom for up to 6 to 12 months, weakening your tissues to a least level or the tear is very large among your tendon. We are providing you all treatments with efficient and satisfactory results of this treatment.


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