Tennis Elbow

Treatments for Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow also called lateral epicondylitis; is a condition where there is a pain in the tendons that connect the extensor muscles and lateral epicondyle. Tennis elbow is painful but it doesn’t cause any chronic damages. It is common for people between the ages 40 to 60 but can develop to anyone.
The name may tennis elbow may suggest that it develops by playing tennis only which is not the case. It is caused by repetitive wrist extension activities later lead to an overuse injury of the wrist and hand. It is easy to treat using stem-cell therapy and other basic treatments.


Use of regenerative medicine or sometimes called stem-cell therapy is the bone-marrow transplant or the use of stem cells to treat conditions, injured tissues and prevent disease. Elbow problems are easily diagnosed using simple examinations and treated without special tests.

Elbow pain symptoms are mostly stiffness and pain. In case the symptoms take long that anticipated or there is the possibility of other symptoms it is important to seek the help of your doctor. The doctor, in this case, will do x-rays or other tests to ascertain the cause and will advise physiotherapy treatment or steroid injections.

Physiotherapy is good for building the strength of your elbow, flexibility, and prevention of the return of the condition. Acupuncture is also used to treat elbow in physiotherapy. Epicondylitis clasps are also fitted in elbows and are useful to tennis players and golfers.

Cases of elbow pain can be treated by adapting to the movements that cause the pain in your elbow. Change the movements that bring pain or make the symptoms worse.

Use of simple painkillers like paracetamol can aid in easing the pain. Use painkillers in the recommended dosage and only when you need them or before the pain becomes worse.

Using ice packs or heat packs can ease the pain. Apply them to the affected area. Do not apply them directly in contact with your skin, use a cloth to avoid irritation and burning of your skin. Use for short periods of time 10 to15 minutes.

Knee pain

Knee pains are also as a result of overuse injuries or otherwise underlying bigger conditions like arthritis. Symptoms also are pain, stiffness, and swelling. The most common causes of knee pains are tendinitis, meniscus tears, sprained ligaments, and the runner’s knee. Osteoarthritis is also a common chronic disorder that is degenerative and affects the knee. It causes joint cartilage deterioration.

Treatment Using Stem Cell

Stem cell treatment procedure is used for knees. It is invasive and is used to decrease the inflammation, repair damages and prevent or delay surgery for knee replacement. Stem cells are removed from the bone marrow concentrated and then injected into the knee using images for guidance.

Stem cell treatment works in the knee by helping the development of important cartilage cells, stopping inflammation and slowing down degeneration or the cartilage. It also reduces knee pain.


The stem cell is an easy treatment, rarely painful and takes minimal time. It can be done on the initial visit and takes 2 to 3 hours and later follow up checks.

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